The business efficiencies are indisputable! Direct results are fiscally transformative. They impact nearly every industry; from package delivery to blood delivery, from insurance adjustments to agriculture inspections, from construction site surveys to a highly-interactive consumer-driven entertainment experience. A whole new world of augmented reality is upon us. The rate of Drone adoption into core business operating models is exploding. Opportunities are nascent but abundant.

Through extensive market research, Drone Innovations Inc. has identified a major missing cornerstone of the UAS industry

 making  commercial sense through the choreography of a vast consumer audience of drone hobbyists, professionals and online gaming enthusiasts into a full-throttle global economy harvesting a purchasing power scale never seen before -

Drone Innovations Inc.'s  model will enable consumers and businesses to take full advantage of an emerging $127 billion managed services market by 2021 

MISSION - Become the worldwide leader for the innovation and advancement of the UAS industry. Through the responsible and practical application of safe and effective business and consumer uses of Drones, Drone Innovations Inc. will digitally deliver high- impact Drone-related STEM and vocational education content via a rich immersion experience.

 - Recognized as the worldwide leader in the innovation and advancement of Drone applications and related universal technologies.

 - Committed to safety, ethical use, environmental awareness, conscious capitalism, educational diversity, professional development, economic growth and community